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Welcome to Ancient History Tutoring we are dedicated to providing exceptional academic support in ancient history. We are passionate about helping students achieve the highest HSC results while instilling a deep appreciation and joy for the captivating world of ancient history.


Ancient History Tutoring is led by Mr. Poli—an experienced educator with a double master's degree in archaeology and teaching, international archaeological expertise, and a proven track record of teaching at esteemed Sydney High schools.

From decoding ancient texts to analyzing pivotal events, we provide a supportive and engaging environment where you can enhance your knowledge, boost your grades, and unlock your full potential in ancient history.

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"I used to find ancient history boring and confusing, but thanks to Mr Poli's tutoring, I now enjoy it and am prepared for my HSC exam!" 

Emma S.

"Mr Poli has really helped me understand how to approach academic writing and achieve good grades for my essays!"

Andrew P.

"Mr Poli is not just a tutor, he's a game-changer! His knowledge, patience, and support boosted my confidence, and I'm grateful for his guidance that led to my HSC success in ancient history."

Sarah A.

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